September Secret Stylista: Transitioning to Fall


I can just feel the crisp leaves crunching under my boots and the subtle scent of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the air—and that’s when I know, its time to break out those fall sweaters and put away the floral skirts. Although I’m glad to have all my layers and comfy knits back, I think that florals can still be incorporated into an edgy, chic autumn outfit.

My September Guest feature is Erica! What I love about Erica’s style is that she is able to carry over her floral skirt from her summer pieces and effortlessly transition the skirt into a timeless look for the fall. 

Paired with black and darker undertones, Erica is able to take her floral skirt, a standard and typical go-to for summer and make it into an unconventional yet casual statement for fall.


On top of her impeccable ability to incorporate multiple pieces from her wardrobe into different occasions, I am also obsessed with her attention to detail.  The delicate gold necklace combined with the two flowered ring compliments the printed skirt while contrasting with the darker tones of her outfit.image


Finally, to finish off the look, Erica completes her outfit with an olive colored Prada bag and studded black leather loafers to class up and add edge to the florals in her outfit. 



Despite being a gorgeous fashionista, Erica is also one of my best friends at NYU. She is one of the strongest people I know, and she inspires me and motivates me in all my endeavors, especially fashion. I hope you guys enjoyed and that she inspired some summer-to-fall transition outfits for you guys too!

I know that you guys are also inspired by others in your life—so comment and tell me, who’s your fashion inspiration and why? 

On another note…here’s a glimpse of what I do with my sparse free time…

Casual Fridays with the Headless Horseman


Until next time…

Warm Hugs and Happy Styling,



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