East Village Endeavors


Autumn winds bring autumn colours and my favorite mix is a burgundy, black and white combination. What emanates autumn in these colours are the neutral black and white tones paired with the splash of burgundy—reminding me of the chillier gray days of fall that are brightened with the red and yellow hues of changing tree leaves.


I always reach for my layers when the days are mildly cold. Here, I have styled a white, jeweled collar tunic with a black embellished sweater. The jewels on the collar and the silver studs/beads on the sweater compliment each other and give the outfit a nice, subtle hint of detail and sparkle.


Of course, with autumn, we cannot forget the many warm tones—all the gold and browns. My go-to’s are my Neverfull tote and some cheetah printed heels. The darker browns of the leather tote and the camel color of the heels give a great variety of brown hues in the outfit. 



Living in New York can definitely be stressful and frustrating, especially with the fast-pace environment and city mentality. Just remember to always leave yourself some free time to sit back and take in all the sights you’d normally look over on a daily basis.


Until next time my fashionistas,


  1. Jeweled Collar Shirt: H&M (Similar here and here)
  2. Studded Sweater: France (Similar here and here)
  3. Burgundy Pants: Hollister (Similar here)
  4. Heels: Aldo (Similar here and here)
  5. Bag: Louis Vuitton (Styled here and here)


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