Special Occasion Charm


So, when you’re going out for an evening, there are a few things to consider: where the venue is, if you’re going to be walking or standing a lot, if the weather is cold, etc…


To celebrate my 6 months with my boyfriend, I decided to go with the classic, little black dress and pair it with champagne, cap-toe ballet flats. Since it’s getting chillier during the evening, I added a silk amethyst trench coat



What I love about champagne flats is how versatile they are. You can style them up with a little black dress, or dress them down with a pair of dark wash jeans and white button up shirt.  I went with heel that particular night because I knew that we would be walking to and from the metro from the restaurant. You always want make sure to be comfortable, no matter what occasion it is!


Special occasion outfits should be simple and refined. So for accessories, I chose to style the black dress with a simple black tassel clutch and my go-to white ceramic watch and gold link bracelet.

Once you’re all dressed and ready, dazzle your friends (or maybe even that special someone) on that evening out! Enjoy and have fun!



Until next time fashionistas,



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