Celeb Double: Blair Waldorf (Schoolgirl Prep Version)


Good morning Lower East Villagers…

here and I’ve got the latest scoop on your new celeb style inspiration: Blair Waldorf.


How does one go about dressing like an “Upper East Sider?” Well, Blair’s sense of style is driven by her preppy background and classy lifestyle. So when you’re using her as your inspiration for a look, just think prep  and classic


I decided to use Blair’s love of cape jackets as the focus of the look. Underneath, I added a white cableknit sweater and royal blue skort with opaque black tights underneath and black suede, gold cap-toe flats. Nothing shouts classic like some cap-toe flats 🙂



And of course, you can’t ever forget Blair’s signature bow headband. I decided to use a feather headband instead of a bow one to balance the elements of prep vs. classic within the look. 


To add just a hint of glam to the outfit, I chose to accessorize with a jeweled collar necklace. This adds a faux collar feel to the flowy cape and preps up the look even more.


Once your look is complete, grab the classiest bag you have, and its time to conquer your lives—or in my world, the lower east side! 





  1. Black Cape Jacket: H&M
  2. White Cableknit Sweater: H&M (More colors in stores)
  3. Royal Blue Skort: Zara
  4. Black Satchel: Armani Exchange (Similar here)
  5. Cap-toe Flats: M.I.A. (Also styled here)
  6. Black Tights: Express 
  7. Feather Headband: Aldo (Similar here and here)

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