Runway Status: H&M Grand Opening!


Last week, I was given an amazing opportunity to participate in H&M’s new marketing endeavor: a full size runway located right in the store of their new 42nd street Time Square location! 


For this event, I decided to pair my H&M shift dress with a jeweled collar tunic. Layering these two pieces gave the illusion that the dress was a “one-piece.” However, clever layering means you can dress up any shift dress in your wardrobe—effortlessly at that!


Adding the jewel collar to the shift dress embellishes the whole outfit and adds subtle details. The difference between just getting dressed in the morning and wearing a completed look comes down to the details. Small accessories make the biggest difference and can turn something that’s ordinary into something unique



To be completely honest, this is probably one of the most genius marketing ideas that I have seen to date. Of course, everyone wants to feel as though they’re a celeb and walk the runway, so why not put in a full-size runway in the flagship store?


This way, you draw people into the store to try out the full-size runway and afterwards, they are more likely to stay in the store and shop when they otherwise wouldn’t have. 


The runway goes through a whole tutorial for the customer’s walk. You first sign up on a little touch screen and give them your email (so they can send you your whole runway walk video). Then, double check your look in the mirror…and off you go! Pose, walk…stop, pose!


(Of course, these pictures were taken while test runs were going on—don’t worry, H&M cleaned this all up!)

And then voila! Your runway poses are posted throughout changing LED screens all around the store!


Theses are just one of the many poses that my friend (on left) and I (on right) took as we strolled down the runway! At the end of it all, H&M was kind enough to leave us a gift…good through June 2014!


So guys, if you haven’t already seen H&M personal runway, I would definitely grab all of your girl friends (and even guy friends!) to go and check it out! The experience is definitely worth your time

Happy strutting fashionistas,


H&M 42nd Street Location: 

505 5th Avenue New York, NY 10017

Phone #: (212) 661-7012

Link to My Catwalk here!

  1. Shift Dress: H&M (Similar here and here)
  2. Jewel Collar Shirt: H&M (also styled here)
  3. Shoes: M.I.A. (Also styled here)


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