All Bundled Up


New York can get unbearably cold during the winter time, so the choice is between bundling up or freezing to death…but who says you can’t stay fashionable while staying warm?


In my attempt to keep warm from the NY wind chill, I bundled up with a long, camel colored wool coat, along with a wrap fur scarf and cashmere leather gloves. The only way to take your stance against the freezing winds are to cover up from head to toe and make sure your coat is made of a thick material.


Camel colored coats are making its way back in style this fall/winter season. I especially love pairing any camel colored piece with black because it showcases the warm tone and adds a nice warm feeling to any look.


To maintain the warm tone theme of the look, I grabbed my Neverfull MM tote. This is one of the most versatile bags that I own, and can pretty much go with any outfit, casual or dressy.


 I have to say that this wrap fur scarf is a definite essential if you’re living somewhere that can get really cold in the winter. Not only does it give you an air of sophistication, it also keeps you warm beyond belief. I can’t imagine bracing the cold weather of New York without one!

Remember to stay warm this holiday season fashionistas!


  1. Coat: Borrowed from roommate! (Similar here)
  2. Gloves: Coach (Similar here)
  3. Scarf: BCBG (Similar here)
  4. Bag: Louis Vuitton (Also styled here)

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