Metro Chic


Fighting the biting cold of winter while still looking fashionable can be a challenge at times—especially when the warmest of coats are not exactly the most flattering ones…which is why I recommend investing in a nice, belted coat, so you can stay warm while still looking chic at the same time!


I love how this coat is long enough to help me stay warm, even when I’m wearing a dress! The belt gives enough cinch to the waist, so that you don’t lose your figure under it. 

Here, I paired this long navy wool-blend coat with a add-on fur stole, a delicate china printed shift dress and cute, vintage kitten heels


I have belted the dress under the coat as well so that the shift dress retains my shape whenever I choose to take my coat off. The delicate china pattern of the shift dress reminds me of delicate snowflakes falling in the wintertime. 


Meanwhile, this white fur stole is perfect for adding warmth to an outfit—and also gives off an air of classiness as well.


And…because you can never be over-prepared for the cold, I accessorized with my cashmere-lined leather gloves—just for extra protection. 

Finally, to complete the look, I threw on my favorite pair of kitten heels—to reinforce the black details in the overall outfit. 


Voila fashionistas! Hope you’re staying warm this winter break!


  1. Coat: H&M (Similar here and here)
  2. Dress: Zara (Similar here)
  3. Fur Stole: Borrowed from Roommate (Similar here)
  4. Gloves: Coach (Also styled here)
  5. Shoes: Vintage (Also styled here and here)


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