7 Days of Fashion: Tuesday

{{The Modern Red}}


I have always been an avid fan of the “all black with a pop of red” combo. These two colors together are very eye-catching and definitely give off a modern twist to the classic little black dress


I have to admit, I’ve been very caught up in the whole flare/skater skirt trend for the past few months and I just absolutely adored this LBD when I happened upon it in my mother’s wardrobe.


The sweetheart top, plus the intricate beading detail made me fall in love with this vintage chiffon flare dress the moment I laid eyes on it. 


It’s a wonderful thing really—coming across such a wonderful, staple piece without expecting to, a complete surprise. But those are often the best surprises. 


And of course, I couldn’t help but add my own delicate, raindrop statement necklace to accent the intricate beaded details.


To battle all the snow and ice, I thought it would be best to wear a sturdy pair of leather booties, with just a mini heel as a little flirty detail. 


Well, here’s to a bold and flirty Tuesday! I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to live your life just a little more colorfully.

Be bold, be spontaneous, but most of all, be yourself.

Much love,



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