7 Days of Fashion: Wednesday

{{Waiting for the Weekend}}

Wednesdays have always been the hardest to get through in a week—because wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you know that you’re halfway done and just can’t wait for the weekend to come


So to battle all the lethargic thoughts and wistful sighs, there’s only one thing that can get me up and out the door in the mornings: a freshly brewed, piping hot cup of coffee.



I recently invested in the absolute cutest travel mug over the holiday season. This tutu tumbler was designed with a double ceramic wall, which ensures that your drink stays extra hot while your hand doesn’t get burned. Not to mention, the tutu is probably just the most adorable thing I have ever seen…


But anyway, keeping an outfit simple, yet put together on Wednesdays is my secret to looking 110%…despite needing coffee to get me going. 


I’ve paired a warm, camel colored blazer with a simple white blouse and dark jeans to keep the color palette timeless.

Adding a warm tone to your outfit can really brighten up your whole look—and give the impression that you’re ready to take on anything that this Wednesday has in store for you!


For accessories, I have a black tassle crossover bag (that can be converted into a clutch) and some leopard print high heels to add a playful print to the look. 



Just remember, have fun with all your outfits, and take a chance and be daring in your pairings—because fashion isn’t just about throwing on a different outfit everyday; it’s about feeling comfortable, confident, and empowered to show your creativity in a unique way

So here’s to your Wednesday. Make it a good one. 

Much Love,



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