7 Days of Fashion: Thursday

{{Leave Them Wanting More}}


With the weekend just around the corner, why not spice up your Thursday with a flirty skirt and some bold prints? You might just get the attention of that cute guy that’s been interning with you…or perhaps a special someone already in your life? 


I am definitely a big fan of the tartan plaid and windowpane print pairing. These two prints compliment each other completely; The tartan is vibrant with color and still streamlined while the white, neat checker boxes of the windowpane print seem to perfectly match up with all the lines of the playful plaid


I added a large belt here to help cinch the waist of the peplum top, giving the whole outfit the illusion of a fuller flare


And of course, I couldn’t resist adding a bedazzled, luxe crystal flower statement necklace to draw attention to the neckline, and to balance the prints with some glittering gems



Finally, a small playful kitten heel adds charm while the bow accent adds cuteness to the overall look. 


And there you have it, a flirty Thursday outfit that will {{Leave Them Wanting More}}. 

Live your life colorfully and escape the ordinary.

Much love,



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