7 Days of Fashion: Friday

{{Day to Night}}


The weekend is finally here—and you are ready to take on all that it brings. Which means you’ll need a day to night look: something appropriate for the office day job, but at the same time, can be transformed into the perfect look for going out…


For the day look, you want to keep it on the conservative side, to look more professional. 

So of course, I’ve chosen the classic black blazer (if you couldn’t tell I’m a little blazer crazy, you can now).



I definitely recommend sequins as well, because you can dress it down in this instance with a blazer, but can just as easily transform it into a hot mini skirt (later).


As for shoes, nice leather booties give the outfit a strong structured touch while the heel still keep it more feminine. 


Andddd for the night, lose the blazer! Show off that gorgeous neckline of yours, complete with an embellished collared shirt!


Add a black belt to cinch in that waist, and emphasize the shape of the miniskirt. Add on the stackable arm candy as the finishing touch!


Oh! You can’t forget about those mile high heels


And transformation complete! Simple as that. An outfit suitable for work, but can also be turned into one that will help you conquer the night!

Cheers to the weekend ladies,



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