7 Days of Fashion: Saturday

{{Saturday: Window Shopping}}


Casual Saturdays are my favorite days of the week, to be honest. I love being able to dress down and be in comfy and cozy attire. It’s the day that I can relax, enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning and write out the list of errands and tasks that I want to accomplish that day. All the time in the world, all mine…


On particularly cold winter days, I love to dress down a fur vest because they are the absolute staple piece in a winter wardrobe, stylish and a basic essential to battle the cold. 

Here, I paired the fur vest with a white and black striped sweater and added a gold tassle necklace to add a classy touch to the simple outfit.


I couldn’t resist stacking my bangles around my watch—I have been especially obsessed with small gold details this season, if you hadn’t noticed.  


And of course, I grab my most trusted tote bag with me—because I will definitely need the room to store my planner and long lists..to help me finish all the errands for the day. 


As for shoes, make sure to wear something that is completely flat or only has a small heel. You definitely don’t want to tire your feet out quickly by wearing something hard to walk in while doing your errands. 


What I like about these boots are how comfortable they are and that the color is so versatile and easy to work with (well black always is though right?).


Make sure to bundle up and stay warm during these cold winter days! Hope you’ll have a nice and relaxing Saturday like I do!



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