Deals & Steals: The Cambridge Satchel

Sooo thinking of applying for study abroad in London and all…I went ahead and made a purchase for a bag I just couldn’t resist…


                     The Cambridge Satchel in Oxblood – 15in

I’ve been eyeing this bag for a few months now, ever since I saw it in Bloomingdales way back in October. But, even as I coveted over the quality of the leather and the magnificent, dark wine red color, I couldn’t bring myself to spend $205 (excluding tax) on this bag at that moment. 

I am so glad I held off because I’ve found a site that sells most of the Cambridge Satchels (in an assortment of colors) at a price lower than that of department stores! 

image is a site that sells “retro, indie, and vintage-inspired clothing styles that are distinctively darling and uniquely ‘you’”! I was very doubtful at first, and wasn’t sure if they were selling legitimate satchels—but after doing my research, I have determined that they are indeed genuine and you honestly cannot beat the price!


So, if you’re just as in love with these classic, modern satchels, here is the link for you guys to check them out! 

**Disclaimer: Neither nor Cambridge Satchel Co. endorsed this post. (I just wanted to let you guys know about this awesome deal!)


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