Cable Knit & Tartan Plaid


One of my obsessions as of late: cable knit sweaters. It’s been so snowy recently that all I want to do is bundle up in the thickest sweaters possible…and I find that cable knits are some of the warmest sweaters I own.


Sweater | Pants

This camel color makes this cable knit a particular favorite of mine. The nice warm tone is a great contrast to the frosty snow.

I paired this camel color with a dark green tartan plaid pant for a nice contrast between the two pieces.


I thought that a classic pearl cluster necklace would be a nice embellishment to the look, especially with the subtle gold details matching the color of the sweater.




As for shoes, I went with a pair of quilted velvet loafers with embellished gold hearts. These are my favorite pair of flats at the moment—how could you not fall in love with the design?


On top of being super cute, these shoes are also so comfortable! They have a cushioned sole, which makes walking around all day much more manageable.





It’s definitely been crazy with all this snow—and I hear there’s more to come! So be sure to bundle up and dress warmly—I know I will be!

Stay warm fashionistas,



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