NYFW: Bold Impressions



                    DressBlazer | Clutch | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes


Fashion week is the perfect moment to let your personal style run free! This is the time to make your boldest pairings and make a statement in the fashion world!

For me, NYFW is one of the classiest events of the year—and so of course I’m breaking out one of my favorite special occasions evening dresses—the high-low ruffled dress. 


I absolutely adore the high-low trend, especially because it flows so gracefully with each movement you make. 

To dress down this full on evening gown, I paired the dress with a simple, classic blazer. This way, the attention is still focused on the beautiful shimmer and ruffle of the dress.


When I think bold pairings, the first thing that comes to mind is statement jewelry. You absolutely cannot do without it. With such a simple and delicate piece, you’ve got to add some accessories that really say “WOW” and embody glamour


I decided to steal this statement necklace from Kate Middleton’s closet because nothing is classier than a necklace endorsed by the Duchess of Cambridge…but I also added on sunburst crystal earrings for good measure. 


Now, you’re going to want to have your hands free during the show to take all those photos and videos of the newest collections, so it’s best to carry a small clutch, preferably with a chain that you can wear around your shoulders. This way, you’ll still have your essential phone, ID, makeup, etc…but also won’t have a heavy, bulging bag blocking your gorgeous outfit in the after photos! 


And finally, slip into your highest pair of heels and touch up that mascara one last time, cause its time to head out the door and hail a cab to your next show!


Fashion week is all about letting your inner style shine through—so in the end, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel confident, inside and out!

Happy Fashion Week Fashionistas,


                            Dress | Blazer | Clutch | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes


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