The Midi Skirt: Parisian Chic

One of my favorite trends on the rise right now: The Midi Skirt. Now, personally, styling the midi skirt can be a little tricky, especially because I’m not used to such a long skirt.


                            Blazer | SweaterMidi Skirt | Belt | Shoes


Being petite as it is, I chose this midi skirt because of the mesh band that cuts through the skirt—this way, my legs don’t look too short despite the longer length of the skirt.


This look was Parisian inspired, which means the classic white and black striped shirt and of course, a modern blazer!


To accessorize, I added a statement necklace to add a fun detail to the collar while also cinching the skirt with a bow belt. 


To match the belt, I chose to wear my gold bow patent heels. Heels are especially important here, to elongate the legs since the skirt falls a little under the knees. 


And voila! A Parisian inspired look featuring the midi skirt!

Happy styling fashionistas,



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