The Midi Skirt: 40’s Revival


                                   TopMidi Skirt | Necklace | Shoes


This look was partly inspired by the characters of the television show, Mad Men—featuring a 1940s midi swing skirt. I love the longer length of the skirt, which gives me the liberty of pairing with a tank top to balance out the conservatism


Adding a few gold details brightens up the look and gives the outfit some overall sparkle


                              Link Bracelet | Scallop Bangle | Open Bangle


One of my favorite duos is definitely lace and pearls. I feel like you can’t ever go wrong pairing these two beautiful and delicate pieces together. 


And to accent my gold details, a sheer gold pair of open-toed heels. The 3inch heel is a good size for this more conservative outfit, while also making sure that my figure doesn’t look too petite in the midi skirt!

I hope this look has inspired you to create some looks with the midi skirt! 

Happy styling fashionistas,



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