The Little Black Tote (Day): Blushing

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Ann Taylor Embellished Top | Express Sheer Inset Pleated Skirt |

Ann Taylor Gallery Tote | Coach Landrie Heels

The “Little Black Tote” is possibly one of the easiest things to pair with any outfit. However, it’s finding the perfect one for you that is the challenge. What I love about this particular tote are is quality of the craftsmanship–made with 100% vegan leather, the material could not be more supple (not to mention durable as well). The structure and design of the bag is also very clever, with four zippers on every corner, just in case extra space is needed.  This new tote is definitely my go-to bag for any occasion, from classy dates to saturday errands.

Here, I’ve styled the tote for more of a daytime look, with an embellished top and high waisted pleated midi skirt. The color combo here is very soft, emphasizing the blush color by contrasting with the black skirt and tote. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to work, and on that particular day, I was able to take a quick stroll on the High Line in Chelsea before my usual commute home. I definitely recommend visiting if you’ve never been–it’s such a beautiful repurpose of the old New York railroad!

Hope you’re taking the time to enjoy your summers as much as I am! Stay tuned for my next post on the “Little Black Tote,” coming soon with a dressed up “night” version! Until then…

Happy styling fashionistas,


PC: Matt Chu Photography


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