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Banana Republic Eyelet Peplum (Similar) | Zara Skort | Red Bubble Necklace | Aldo Galelawen | Quilted Crossbody (Similar)

My usual July 4th tradition is to spend time with my family, cook up a barbecue storm on the back porch and then end the night with my town’s gorgeous fireworks. However, this year, I’m spending my July 4th weekend with a staycation in the city–which definitely means a different kind of attire than if I were hanging with friends and family in the suburbs…

I’ve put together an Independence Day inspired look for a night out in the city. Whenever I go to Manhattan, the whole atmosphere changes–the people are more fast paced, the nights get classier, which always means you have to step it up and dress for the occasion!

I hope this classed up version of a July 4th outfit inspires your own look while dressing for the 4th! I’m hoping to definitely enjoy the fireworks in the city at a rooftop restaurant/bar in this dressy July 4th getup!

Happy 4th of July fashionistas,


Photography by: Matt Chu Photography


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