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| Eyelet Crop Top | Pink Silk Maxi Skirt | Kate Spade Scallop Handbag | Jack Rogers Sandals |

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Happy Friday everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently–it’s been harder than expected trying to find a balance between interning and blogging, but I promise that I’m trying to be more diligent with my posts!

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Summer is in full force now in the city…which means it’s sweltering hot with unbearable humidity. To keep cool in this impossible weather, I try to wear the lightest, loosest fabrics I own. Working in Manhattan during the week means lots of travel via walking or subway, so I try to keep my outfits as simple and comfortable as possible!

I’ve styled a light pink silk maxi skirt here with an eyelet crop top, beige handbag and gold accessories. The light flowy material of the maxi skirt catches the wind very easily and is a great way to keep cool while still covering up (and look appropriate for the office). I love the mid-thigh slits on the sides of the skirt–they make the skirt less restricting and easier to move in.

Because of the high waisted design, I paired the skirt with a cropped eyelet bustier. The cropped and fitted form of the bustier is a lovely contrast to the loose and flowing silhouette of the maxi, making sure that my figure is not swallowed up by the skirt. The simple eyelet print gives subtle details to the outfit, and a few delicate gold necklaces and bracelets help polish off the look!

Enjoy your summer days, and happy styling fashionistas,


Photography & Editing by Matt Chu Photography


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