Ombre 1Sleeveless Chambray Shirt | Turquoise High-Low Skirt (Similar)  | Silver Pointed Heels |

Loft Gemstone Clutch (Similar) | Silver Shoe Clips (Similar)

Ombre 6

Happy Thursday loves! Playing with some ombré hues and a cascading high-low skirt, inspired by the man-made waterfall on location!Ombre 7

Ombre 3

Ombre 2

Ombre 5

Ombre 10

Ombre 9

Ombre 8

Ombre 4

This is by far my favorite skirt to wear in the summer. Ever since this high-low trend came out last year, I’ve been obsessed with the design, the grace and elegance that these skirts have as you stroll casually down a street. I love how the skirt catches the wind as you walk, billowing around your legs. Not to mention, these skirts are usually made of a sheer material, with a shorter solid skirt underneath, making it the perfect summer skirt to keep cool (but not show too much skin).

This particular outfit was inspired by all the ombré I’ve seen this season as well–starting with a pair of silver pointed shoes and working its way to some light blue hues. I especially love how the colour palette and overall outfit emulate the cascading water of the man-made waterfall on location.

This is definitely the type of outfit I’d wear to meet up with friends for some afternoon tea and macarons, or perhaps a night out with the girls on a rooftop lounge…

Happy styling fashionistas,




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