Areta’s Style Secrets Takes London: Week #1


King’s Cross Station

My new neighborhood for the semester–and of course, being the die-hard Harry Potter fan, couldn’t help seeking out Platform 9 3/4!

Platform 9 34

Off to Hogwarts!


Dyot Street

All the streets of London have such historic charm–I’m still walking around trying to take everything in!


The Ollivander’s of Paper Products

L. Cornelissen & Son is the place for all things paper. Whether you need a sketchbook or canvas or any art supply you can think of–they’ve got it! I stopped by with my roommate to pick up some art supplies for a class we’re taking, and it’s the most charming shop I’ve ever been to! Will be making regular stops by this place after class!


Bedford Street

It looks like a whole other world here in London…but it still has those same vibes as New York. Although I’m halfway across the world, it feels like it did freshman year in Manhattan.


NYU London!


Burger & Lobster

The BEST meal (and cocktail) I’ve had in London thus far. This restaurant specializes in burgers and lobster–with a 20 quid prix fix you get a side of fries, salad and choice of either a whole lobster, lobster roll or burger–soooo pretty much heaven.



Tower Bridge

A bit of sightseeing on Saturday, starting with the Tower Bridge! I always thought this bridge was called London Bridge–but guess that’s a popular misconception. We didn’t really get a chance to go up close to it, so I definitely want to go back to explore the two towers and walk on the bridge itself!


Why Hey There. Big Ben!



The Gates to Buckingham

Such regal gates leading to Buckingham Palace…



Royal Guards

A quick glimpse at some of the Royal Guards patrolling the palace.


Busaba Eathai

A little skeptical at first because this is a chain restaurant in London, but these dishes were absolutely fantastic! They tasted home-cooked and fresh–and I definitely couldn’t get enough of their refreshing guava collins!


Camden Market

Comparable to the flea markets of Brooklyn, Camden Market is where all the trendy, hip happenings are. There’s one particular Peruvian food stand there that sells the absolute best lamp kebab wraps! Not to mention an unconventional eating area, where we’re actually sitting on fixed motorcycles along the canal! Worth another trip back for the food and atmosphere!

Well, that’s pretty much Week #1 in a nutshell. Check back for more updates–definitely going to be posting new styled looks soon!



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