#LFW: Mary Katrantzou SS15


First time getting to help out during Fashion Week and it was an absolutely mind-blowing experience! It was amazing to actually help out preparing for the runway show and then get to see the end result!

Preparing for the show beforehand meant hand writing invitations, separating them into ones that needed to be mailed or couriered, and then actually posting them or walking them out to their destination. After invites were all sorted, there are the seating labels to be made–and then the debriefing of what will actually be going on during the show, each individual’s roles, etc…

When I actually arrived at the show, it was awe-inspiring. Minimal white benches, all placed to surround this makeshift gravel and glitter runway. First thought in my head: “how in the world are the models going to walk on that?!” But when I actually felt the material, it was really soft, almost turf-like.

I laughed so hard when I saw the mosh pit of photographers waiting at the end of the runway, ready to capture each and every look of the collection. Just seeing them there, all huddled together–I’m not sure why but it was just really amusing.

And then there was the actual collection. UNBELIEVABLE. I love that she’s moving away from the “digital print” phase and into one that is more luxe, with intricate detailing and full blown sequins embedded in each of the designs.


I especially loved seeing the use of sheer material here in some of the dresses–definitely feel like this will be a collection we’ll see a lot on the red carpet next year!


Annnddddd of course, fangirl moment when I saw Eva Chen and Alexa Chung. (Sorry for bad quality photos…tried my best to look as nonchalant as possible.)

And finally, my outfit of the night snapped while standing on the runway! You can never go wrong with a LBD–plus I felt like this particular dress had an “on trend” feel to it with the draping silhouette with attached belt.

IMG_7608Zara Draped LBD


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