Month: October 2014

Peplum & Houndstooth

Peplum & Houndstooth 1 - Version 2

Peplum & Houndstooth 2

Playing with two different trends today while styling this look: the peplum flare and houndstooth print!

While styling this gorgeous peplum flare jacket, I wanted to make sure that all the other pieces in the outfit were A-line. By keeping all the other pieces A-line, the peplum flare is emphasized and made the center of the look. Here, I’ve paired my jacket with a wool shirttail skirt. I love that the shirttail detail on the sides of the skirt effortlessly compliments the flared peplum of the jacket. Peplum & Houndstooth 1


Autumn Prep

Autumn Prep 3

Autumn Prep 4

Autumn Prep 5

Mixing bright hues in today’s post–with a deep burgundy and camel combination and gold accents to finish off the look. I absolutely love autumn’s color palette–it means being able to play with lots of deep and warm colors, almost as if emulating the colorful changing leaves.


Travel Savvy: Brussels & Amsterdam

Areta’s Style Secrets took on Brussels & Amsterdam this past weekend! Definitely the most back to back traveling I have ever done–which meant having to dress in travel savvy attire! Check out the sights I visited, as well as some tips on how to keep comfy and chic during your own travels!

First Stop: Brussels, Belgium


Walking through the streets in Brussels, just taking in all the local sights. Of course I had to snap a picture of Stella Artois…one of Belgium’s most famous beer brands!DSCN4464_2

Making our way to Grand Place, Brussels’ city center. The architecture was absolutely stunning. Everything was so grandiose–with gold details incorporated into the building designs. We were able to go back during the evening to see the buildings all lit up. At night, the tourists disappear and the people of Brussels like to hang out in the square with a nice bottle of wine, chatting and catching up with their friends. IMG_8867

Annddddd….if you go to Belgium and don’t get waffles, did you really go to Belgium? I will have dreams about the waffles we had on our trip…


And of course, the famous Manneken Pis (Pissing Boy) of Brussels. I find it hilarious that the statue actually has a caretaker that dresses it up on special occasions–or even just gives it a raincoat when its raining. IMG_8891


Making our way to the Royal Palace–unfortunately the palace was not open to the public for tours. But we hung around for a bit anyway for a little break from sightseeing the city. Travel Attire 1

Travel Attire Tip #1: Comfort is KEY!

There’s no way I would be able to navigate through a foreign city, dashing around from place to place trying to see all the sights if I weren’t comfortable. My one must-have for any trip is a pair of sporty loafers. “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Well in this case, conquer Brussels. I always like to opt for a pair of shoes that are versatile and can go with pretty much any outfit. This way, it saves me the trouble of having to pick out which shoes to wear in the morning.

Travel Attire 2

Travel Attire 4

My other tip for comfort: bring at least one pair of legging-trousers. These trousers are especially my favorite because not only are they easy to wear and maneuver in, it also has a leather detail that keeps it from being just another pair of joggers. I practically live in these while traveling, making them the perfect pair for any type of travel.

Travel Attire 3

Zara Black Fleece Trousers | Simply Vera Vera Wang Sport Chic Loafers

One more stop at the Galeries Royales Saint Hubert before heading off to Amsterdam!IMG_8995

Second Stop: Amsterdam, Netherlands

From the moment we got into the city centre, the views were absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen a more beautiful city–with all the colorful houses on the canals!

They were holding a small carnival in Dam Square during the night, so we were able to play carnival games and take it easy during the night.

Bright and early start to a fresh day in Amsterdam! The weather was surprisingly warmer than London, although you could see the leaves changing along the canal–I can only imagine how gorgeous the city is when Autumn is in full swing…IMG_9097

Travel Attire 5

Travel Attire Tip #2: Bring Versatile Clothing!

I always pack a pair of jeans as my go-to whenever I travel. They’re just very easy to throw on in the morning and go with absolutely everything. I try and make sure that whenever I pack an item for a trip, I will be able to wear it in more than one outfit. This minimizes the amount of clothing I actually have to pack, but still gives me enough pieces to mix and create different looks during the trip!Travel Attire 6

First museum: The Anne Frank House

We had to wait for an hour and a half in the queue before actually entering the museum–but it was definitely worth it. For anybody that’s traveling to Amsterdam in the future, I highly recommend seeing this historic and moving exhibition.

If you want to avoid the long line, I recommend booking your ticket in advance on their website! If you do reserve, you’ll also get the benefit of having your own guide to introduce the museum to you!IMG_9110


Afterwards, it was a nice experience to be able to dine right next to the canals. The restaurant we went to was De Belhamel–serving traditional Dutch food with a modern twist. The food was absolutely divine. I ended up having the lamb shanks while my friends opted for the lasagne, king prawn pasta and an assorted seafood selection. IMG_9143

Last stop before heading back to London–exploring the Van Gogh museum near museumplein and of course, checking out the famous I amsterdam sign! IMG_9253Hope this post has been helpful for your weekend travels! Check back for more travel adventures as I explore more of Europe! Happy styling fashionistas,