Areta’s Style Secrets Abroad: Santorini


Good morning–from paradise! My roommate and I had booked our fall break a couple of months ago and we wanted part I to be a getaway/retreat. We stayed at Above Blue Suites in a gorgeous suite with a private terrace! Waking up to breakfast and that view…it seemed like the rest of the world was a thousand miles away. IMG_9848

First stop: visiting the Old Port at the bottom of the Caldera cliffs in Fira! We opted to take all the steps down to the port! Felt so accomplished that we took the time to do so–and enjoyed a nice glass of white wine right next to the sea when we reached the port. IMG_9804

Next was exploring Santorini’s famous beaches! First up, the famous black beach of Perissa! The beach actually had soft black sand, which was surprising because I thought that they would be black rocks, not sand. Regardless, the view was absolutely breathtaking, and it felt like we stumbled upon the island oasis. DSCN4656




Obligatory jumping pic before heading off to the next beach: the Red Beach of Akrotiri! The beach can’t actually be accessed by car, so we had to park and climb the cliffs for this amazing view. The amazing part was, I had never encountered cliffs of such a deep red color and it was definitely some sight to admire from afar.

And of course, finally–sunset in Oia, a sight that cannot be missed! We ended up renting a car for a day because by the time we visited the island (start of November), Santorini had begun it’s off-season and it was harder to get around by public transport. It was definitely an experience driving up the winding roads up to Oia, the northern most part of the island–but definitely worth it once we sat down to enjoy the view. IMG_0071

This view was taken from where we were eating dinner, Skala. I definitely recommend going to the restaurant during sunset–the view is breathtaking and the food and wine was absolutely delicious! IMG_0106And there we go, the highlights of Part I of my fall break! I will be posting about Part II (Istanbul) soon! Happy traveling fashionistas,



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