Deals & Steals: The Perfect Holiday Dress

With the holiday season fast upon us, the pressure is ON to find the perfect holiday dress! Not to worry–I’ve found the absolute perfect dress for all your special holiday events…at an AMAZING price.

Kate Spade Open Back Silk Mini Dress  VERSUS Zara Dress with Full Skirt

I was just in Zara the other day and I stumbled upon the absolute PERFECT dress look-a-like with a dress from the Kate Spade holiday line! The dress on the left is the one from the Kate Spade collection while the one on the right is from Zara.

Holiday Dress Collage 1

I was BEYOND excited when I saw this Zara dress! These two dresses are definitely comparable in style. As for quality and material…the Kate Spade dress is made of 89% polyester and only 11% silk, but the price point is still pretty steep. On the other hand, this Zara dress is 100% polyester, but at SUCH a great price! I snapped this dress up the moment I saw it!

Holiday Dress Collage 2

Holiday Dress Collage 3

 So look no further fashionistas, for I have found THE dress for all your holiday parties. No worries, I will be sharing with you guys how I would style this Zara dress for my holiday party. Meanwhile…take your pick–Kate Spade or Zara!

Happy hunting, fashionistas.




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