Best Dressed of 2014 Round-Up!

With 2014 coming to an end, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite looks from last year! I love looking back on my previous looks because it always gives me newfound inspiration for styling different pieces in my wardrobe together!

JanuaryWednesday 3{Waiting for the Weekend}


Cable Knit & Tartan Plaid 3{Cable Knit & Tartan Plaid}


A Rose Blush Dream 2{A Rose Blush Dream}


Casual Spring Luxe 1{Casual Spring Luxe}


Cocktails at Lunch 4{Cocktails at Lunch}


Blushing 1{The Little Black Tote (Day): Blushing}

s2-2{The Little Black Tote (Night): Delicate}


Rose Tones 1{Rose Tones}

Green Florals 1{Green Florals & Cobalt Accents}


Ombre 3{Ombré}

Dear NY 4{One Year Blogaversary: New York Love Letter}


The Olive Trench 7{Fall Lookbook: The Olive Trench}

The Quilted Vest 14{Fall Lookbook: The Quilted Vest}


The Leather Midi 5{Fall Lookbook: The Leather Midi}

Classic Brit 12{Classic Brit}

Peplum & Houndstooth 2{Peplum & Houndstooth}


Autumn Classics 3{Timeless Classics}

Houndstooth & Ombre Pleats{Oversized + Distressed Details}


The Office Party 1{Holiday Ready: The Office Party}

The Dinner Party 4{Holiday Ready: The Dinner Party}

Another year, come and gone. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little look back on 2014–wishing all my fashionistas all the best this New Year! My resolution is a promise to all of you…that I will dedicate more time to this personal fashion diary, to continue sharing my thoughts and passion with you guys. Cheers to bigger and brighter things this New Year, fashionistas.



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