Month: January 2015

Winter Basics

Winter Basics 1Happy Saturday, loves! I’m so happy¬†its finally the weekend–its been a superr long week, especially with the start of spring classes and Winter Storm Juno changing everyone’s plans. So, it’s nice to finally have some time to kick back and relax ūüôā I wanted to share with you guys an outfit that’s pretty much been on repeat the past month–my winter basics all in one look!

Winter Basics 7

Winter Basics 8For starters, I pretty much never leave the apartment without a long wool coat now. I especially love how this one is belted, making sure my petite frame isn’t lost in all the material. I’ve found that when I wear shorter coats during the winter, my legs pretty much freeze right through! That’s why I’ve been opting for coats that are long enough to block the wind chill for my legs as well!

Winter Basics 2

Winter Basics 3



Down on Irving

First week of spring semester and we are greeted by a snowstorm. Luckily, I got to get a few outfit shots in before the storm hit!

Down on Irving 1With such cold winters in New York, I always opt for layers. I practically never leave the apartment with fewer than three layers on now: sweater + vest + coat. This three layer combo is essentially my survival guide for the unbearably cold weather the next four months.

Down on Irving 2

Down by Irving 8 (more…)


Burgundy 1Happy Friday, loves! Weekend is almost here! Although this week was my official last week of winter break, I feel like I haven’t gotten any rest at all D: I know I’m definitely not ready for spring semester to start…

But anyway, in the meantime, here’s a look from when I was running errands earlier in the week. I’ve been obsessing over burgundy as of late, especially combined with textured grays and blacks. I was hesitant when I first saw these over-the-knee boots…the color was gorgeous but I had doubts on how to style them and if I would get enough wear out of them. But I took a chance and¬†it paid off! I’m completely in LOVE with them!

Burgundy 4These burgundy boots hit about mid-thigh for me. Pretty high for over-the-knee boots, but I think that the length pairs perfectly with skirts and dresses. The boots draw attention immediately and its great to style them with a textured lace skirt or patterned dress.

Burgundy 7

Burgundy 5