Wintry: Sheer Pleats & Colorblock

Wintry 1Happy Saturday, loves! It’s been a super hectic week, filled with interviews for potential internships for this coming spring semester, so I’ve got to say…I’ve definitely been looking forward to some down time this weekend. Here’s an outfit I styled a little earlier in the month and it’s definitely a great look for an interview in the fashion industry. I had to do my research when it came to dressing for my fashion interviews because there are definitely different rules for attire when it comes to the fashion industry.

Wintry 2I love that this look is very modest, but still chic at the same time. When dressing for a fashion interview, it’s okay to be daring in your fashion choices. You want to be memorable and make a statement–of course there is still a fine line between being professional and being too trendy, so choose your pieces wisely.

Wintry 5

Wintry 4

Shoes and handbag are a very big part of a finished look, so don’t make them an afterthought when deciding your interview look. My go-to has been this structured colorblock bag at the moment. The colors are neutral and professional, but the design is less conventional, which is a great way to stand out! The same goes for these cut-out booties. Shoes are DEFINITELY a key piece in your outfit because they will be noticed by your interviewer. A few of my rules when it comes to shoes: keep it closed toe, make sure the heel isn’t too high (should NOT be 4+ inches), and put your personality into it!

Wintry 3

Wintry 6Small details are always noticed. When choosing my other accessories, I try to make sure the pieces are simple, chic and showcase my fashion tastes. Another big plus is researching the company and its aesthetic beforehand and trying to match their aesthetic in your look. If you’re still unsure of what the company’s corporate environment is like, always opt for dressing up. There’s nothing worse than walking into an interview dressed in jeans when everyone else is dressed up.

Wintry 11

Wintry 7

Wintry 8

Wintry 9

Wintry 10Just remember, the fashion industry is unlike any other industry and calls for very different interview clothing. Don’t be afraid to be daring and really bring out your personal style! Ditch the pantsuit (cause we all know that’s not what fashion is about), and be fun and creative in your look! Happy styling fashionistas, and good luck to any of you who are interviewing for jobs or internships!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

{Coat: Zara; Similar here and here} {Shirt: Express} {Skirt: Banana Republic; Similar here}

{Bag: Kate Spade} {Shoes: Dune London; Similar here} {Earrings: Banana Republic}

Photography by: Victoria Lin


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