Stroll Through Bryant Park

Stroll Through Bryant Park 1Happy Tuesday, loves! The weather here has been beyond freezing lately! I can’t remember it being this bad last year, but it’s almost unbearable in the city right now. Keeping warm is basically the only priority now…which means lots of layering up!

Stroll Through Bryant Park 2

Stroll Through Bryant Park 4

My go to for below-zero temperatures will always be a cashmere sweater under a thick wool coat and an added blanket scarf just for good measure! I’d been obsessively investing in blanket scarves during the fall–one of the best decisions for my wardrobe thus far. I pretty much own a blanket scarf for each and every day of the week now, and I know I’ll be getting the most out of every single one this season!

Stroll Through Bryant Park 3

Stroll Through Central Park 6I’ve been gravitating toward this black checked one as of late. I mean, it’s classic and warm and goes pretty much with everything, even my leopard print clutch!

Stroll Through Bryant Park 7

Stroll Through Bryant Park 5

Stroll Through Bryant Park 8I will admit, I could pretty much feel the frostbite setting in toward the end of this shoot…definitely learned my lesson! I’ll be hiding my feet in over-the-knee boots for the next couple of months!

Stroll Through Bryant Park 10Hope you’re all managing to stay warm this winter! Happy styling, fashionistas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM {Coat: Banana Republic; Similar here} {Sweater: J. Crew, on sale!} {Jeans: J. Crewon sale!}

{Clutch: Clare V; Similar here and here}  {Scarf: Zara; Similar here} {Necklace: Loft; Similar here}

{Earrings: Loft; Similar here} {Shoes: Prada}

Photography by: Angela Chen


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