Winter Basics

Winter Basics 1Happy Saturday, loves! I’m so happy its finally the weekend–its been a superr long week, especially with the start of spring classes and Winter Storm Juno changing everyone’s plans. So, it’s nice to finally have some time to kick back and relax 🙂 I wanted to share with you guys an outfit that’s pretty much been on repeat the past month–my winter basics all in one look!

Winter Basics 7

Winter Basics 8For starters, I pretty much never leave the apartment without a long wool coat now. I especially love how this one is belted, making sure my petite frame isn’t lost in all the material. I’ve found that when I wear shorter coats during the winter, my legs pretty much freeze right through! That’s why I’ve been opting for coats that are long enough to block the wind chill for my legs as well!

Winter Basics 2

Winter Basics 3

If you haven’t realized already, I’ve been wearing this blanket scarf pretty much EVERYWHERE and I LOVE it! The print is so versatile, it pretty much compliments any outfit I’m wearing. Not to mention, I can bundle up in it, cocoon-style, or just leave it as is for a fun print detail! Either way, this scarf has definitely been my go-to for bundling up and its just been restocked! (Link at end of post).

Winter Basics 4

Winter Basics 5

Winter Basics 6

Winter Basics 10

Winter Basics 11And finally of course, over-the-knee boots. I now own a pair in gray, black and burgundy and I’ve pretty much been rotating them daily. Combined with a long coat, these over-the-knee boots make sure that my lower body doesn’t freeze while I’m walking around in the city. Since I do travel a lot by walking, making sure I can keep warm while being outside for a long time is definitely my number one priority!

Winter Basics 9Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far! Bundle up and stay warm, fashionistas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

{Coat: Zara, Similar here and here} { Scarf: Zara–BACK IN STOCK!; Similar here}

{Top: Ann Taylor, On Sale!} {Jeans: J. Crew, Similar here} {Crossbody Bag: Chanel}

{Boots: Guess, On Sale!} {Earrings: Banana Republic}

Photography by: Angela Chen


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