Leopard Love

Leopard Love 1Happy Tuesday, loves! Breaking out the leopard coat one last time before trading fur for florals this season. New York sure took its sweet time with spring this year, but now that it’s here, I’m definitely going to make the most of it. (Cause let’s face it, spring only lasts for like 2 weeks in the city. :/ )Leopard Love 2

Leopard Love 3

But anyway, pairing some of my favorite classic color combos in this look with textured leather, printed leopard fur and chiffon accents! I love pairing warm tones together with some neutrals and mixing different textures together really helps elevate the look! Leopard Love 4

Leopard Love 5

Leopard Love 6Definitely playing with multiple layers here because of how unpredictable the weather has been. It’ll be chilly in the morning, but then turn really warm by mid afternoon. Layering provides instant flexibility–something much needed in this kind of weather situation. Leopard Love 7

Leopard Love 11

Leopard Love 10

Leopard Love 9And finally, can we talk about these loafers? I am definitely hopping on this bandwagon–owning 2 pairs already (and counting)! These are by FAR the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and look super chic as well. I will definitely be living in these until it’s warm enough to pull out my Birkenstocks!Leopard Love 8

Leopard Love 12More warm weather wardrobe updates to come! Happy styling. fashionistas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

{Coat: Guess, On Sale!} {Sweater: Banana Republic. On Sale!} {Shirt: H&M} {Pants: Banana Republic}

{Bag: TopShop; Similar here} {Loafers: Vera Wang; Similar here} {Necklace: Loft; Similar here}

Photography by: Angela Chen

Areta's Style Secrets


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