Pineapple Daze

Pineapple Daze 1Happy Tuesday, loves! Still can’t believe that it’s already May–not that I’m complaining…seriously in love with all these city blooms and fresh tulips. Who new that New York could have so many fresh blooms? Definitely a welcomed change after the last couple months of winter gloom here. Absolutely loving that the city is now full of life and color!

Pineapple Daze 2

Pineapple Daze 7

And with this renewed color in the city, I’m ditching my dark and monochrome wardrobe for some fun printed halters and pretty blush accessories! The weather has a huge impact on my personal style (if you couldn’t tell before) and I am beyond excited to be decked out in splashes of color!

Pineapple Daze 8

Pineapple Daze 9Yellow is not a typical color I keep in my everyday wardrobe, but I’m always up for a challenge and I definitely had a lot of fun styling this pineapple printed top! I actually managed to grab this top online during the #LillyforTarget launch and I had some doubts at first, but I absolutely love how well it pairs with blush tones.

Pineapple Daze 10

Pineapple Daze 11

Pineapple Daze 12

Pineapple Daze 6

Pineapple Daze 5Throw on a nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans and you’re good to go–the perfect casual spring outfit for a nice lunch date or a relaxed day in the park!

Pineapple Daze 3

Pineapple Daze 4

Pineapple Daze 13Be prepared for a lot more colorful outfits coming your way! Happy styling fashionistas,

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

{Halter Top: Lilly for Target; Similar here} {Jeans: Banana Republic}

{Crossbody: Express; Similar here} {Heels: Banana Republic}

{Earrings: Loft; Similar here} {Bracelet: Banana Republic}

Photography By: Angela Chen

Areta's Style Secrets


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