Hot Pink Lemonade

Hot Pink Lemonade 4Happy Saturday, loves! Finally the weekend, and I am dreaming of some ice pink lemonade on this hot summer’s day! Back to the usual colorful pairings for now. I kind of realized that my outfits not only reflect my mood/seasons, but are also definitely influenced by my surroundings. I found myself drawn to bright and colorful patterns on my trip to Cape May last weekend, probably because of all the colorful houses and landscaping that was around!

Hot Pink Lemonade 5

Hot Pink Lemonade 9

Hot Pink Lemonade 12This was a particularly surprising pairing for me since I’ve never actually worn bright yellow with a hot pink before. This look came as more of a whim, and I guess the color palette just worked!  I didn’t even realize how similar I looked to “pink lemonade” until after the fact, haha.

Hot Pink Lemonade 10

Hot Pink Lemonade 6Keeping this colorful theme going, I thought adding some cool mint tones as an accent would really help compliment and bring out these bright vibes. Loving how all these different hues are mixing together at the moment!

Hot Pink Lemonde 2

Hot Pink Lemonade 1

Hot Pink Lemonade 3And of course, what screams summer more than a straw woven cross body? This is now one of my go-to summer handbags, the perfect size for all my essentials!

Hot Pink Lemonade 11

Hot Pink Lemonade 8

Hot Pink Lemonade 13

Hot Pink Lemonade 7Hope you’re all out enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend! Happy styling fashionistas,

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

{Top: Lilly for Target; Similar here} {Skirt: J.Crew Factory, On Sale!}

{Sandals: Banana Republic, On Sale!} {Bag: Kate Spade, On Sale!}

{Sunglasses: Burberry; Similar here} {Earrings: Kate Spade; Similar here}

{Flower Cuff Bracelet: J.Crew; Similar here} {Scallop Bangle: Kate Spade}

{Twisted Ring: Gorjana c/o Rocksbox} {Jeweled Cuff Ring: Banana Republic}

Areta's Style Secrets



One comment

  1. Areta, this outfit is so gorgeous! You look so nice in pink! I love the “pink lemonade” idea, these colors are beautiful together and that skirt is perfect!
    I hope you are having a great weekend!

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