Packing for Bali

Bali Collage 1

(Above) {Dress: Banana Republic} {Earrings: Bauble Bar}

{Clutch: Clare V} {Sandals: Banana Republic, On Sale!}

(Below) {Dress: Rachel Zoe, On Sale!} {Sandals: Banana Republic}

{Clutch: Aldo, On Sale!} {Necklace: Bauble Bar}
Bali Collage 2

Just wanted to share some looks that I put together while packing for Bali! I used to be one of those people who overpacked for EVERYTHING. It was pretty sad how much I would bring, from weekend getaways to vacations. Of course, studying abroad definitely made me reconsider what was going in my suitcase. Instead of being able to throw just about anything I thought I “might” wear during a trip, I came up with a system that made sure I wore what I packed!

Instead of just throwing shirts and skirts and whatever else in while packing and hoping for the best, I now pack by outfit. If I have a shirt or a dress that I really want to bring on a trip, I build a look around that piece. Then, I try to come up with other looks that can use those same pieces once or twice over. This way, I know exactly which and how many outfits I’ve packed, and the accessories that go along with it!

Since developing this method, I’ll admit that I still end up with an outfit or two more than I really need…but hey, that’s just being careful and prepared right? ;D I am definitely inclined to bring less and getting dressed in the morning is so much easier, since I’ve already put together the entire look. This system definitely requires more time and thought put into packing for a trip. But, if you do the work and spend the time beforehand, I guarantee that you’ll have more time during your trip to relax and not have to worry about if you accidentally forgot to pack that dress you realllyyyy wanted to wear! Hope this helps you all in your future getaways! Happy traveling fashionistas,

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.53.35 PM

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