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Summer Florals

Summer Florals 1Happy weekend, loves! I think a nice sweet ice cream cone is in order. This has been probably the most stressful week since the start of my internship and I am just glad that it’s the weekend. Time to kick back and relax! Speaking of kicking back and relaxing–T-minus 1 week until the end of this internship…and I jetset off to Asia! (More details to come, follow my Instagram for my travel reveal!)

So anyway, I shot this look from a little bit ago, back when I was down in the gorgeous beach town of Cape May. I wasn’t entirely sure that I could pull off such a bright green floral dress, but when I saw how colorful the whole town was, I knew I’d fit right in!

Summer Florals 2

Summer Florals 4




The LWD 3Happy weekend, loves! Saturdays are definitely my favorite days of the week–right in the middle of the weekend, getting to sleep in and not wake up to a blaring alarm for the first time in days…and of course, lazy breakfasts in bed, knowing that the start of the new week is still far enough away to be able to pretend those papers, readings and work emails don’t exist.

The LWD 4

The LWD 5