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Dove Grey

Dove Grey 7Happy Monday, loves! Ā Finally, it feels like the weather is warming up. I was so happy I didn’t have to wear ear muffs or gloves anymore over the weekend–practically felt like if I didn’t, I would automatically get frost bite the moment I stepped outside these last couple of weeks. But now that the weather is finally getting warmer, I can’t wait to break out of these winter coats and into some flirty sundresses! ;D

I wore this outfit about a week and a half ago… I still remember because I was absolutely FREEZING despite the cable knit turtleneck and wool coat combo. (To be honest, I felt like my smiles were frozen on. >.<)

Dove Grey 8

Dove Grey 10The one thing I will miss with the warmer weather is being able to wear over-the-knee boots. I’ve amassed quite a collection this past season and they have been a lifesaver! My limbs would have probably frozen off without them…

Dove Grey 11

Dove Grey 5



Turkey Day Festivities

Turkey Day Festivities 2

Sharing my Turkey Day getup today–can’t believe I get to spend Thanksgiving at home with my family!

Studying abroad has definitely been a lot harder than I thought it would be. At first, it’s all excitement: being in a completely different city in a whole other country, so many possibilities to explore and travel! But then, when the initial excitement fades, the homesickness starts to set in…and you can’t help but feel like a part of you isn’t really there in reality–it’s back at home.

I’m so grateful to be able to fly back for just a couple of days and spend it with family and friends. Studying abroad has definitely been an experience, but at some point…it’s time to go home.
Turkey Day Festivities 3

Turkey Day Festivities 4

Anyway, as for what I’m wearing this Thanksgiving, I’m snuggling into a warm cable knit sweater and restyling the blanket scarf in a chicer ensemble. Belting the scarf definitely makes a difference and gives the whole look a dressier feel. I’m making sure the belt isn’t too tight though–need to make sure there’s enough room for all the Turkey! šŸ˜€Turkey Day Festivities 5

Turkey Day Festivities 1

This blanket scarf is the absolute perfect option for holiday festivities. The red, green and white check pattern reminds me automatically of the holiday season–not to mention, it’s great to wear as a wrap as well to keep warm on those colder nights!


Simply Autumn

Simply Autumn 2

Simply Autumn 3

Happy Friday, loves!

With Autumn in full swing, I decided to dedicate a post on all my favorite things that come with fall. For starters, I am absolutely obsessed with cable knit. I have maybe five different cable knit sweaters, but my favorite by far is the traditional white oversized one. This is the coziest sweater I have ever owned and I would probably live in it if I could!
Simply Autumn 1

Another favorite of mine–camel! This color is captures the essence of autumn and brings a bit of fall into any outfit. I especially love this camel scarf because its wool material, perfect for keeping warm against the strong winds.