Summer Blues

Summer Blues 2Happy Friday, loves! Three posts in a row this week–must be a new record for me! (And there’s one more coming tomorrow!)

Mixing together casual and chic today, pairing together a fun printed jumpsuit with a structured sleeveless blazer! Loving how these two pieces look together!

Summer Blues 3

Summer Blues 5



Snow Daze

Snow Daze 4Happy Monday, loves! Greeted by yet another snow storm this past weekend…I can’t remember a weekend where it DIDN’T snow now. But pretty snow means pretty photos! I couldn’t help doing a little shoot while at home last weekend amidst the pretty snowfall. This is probably the most you’ll see of me out in the snow…I usually prefer to sit inside with a big mug of hot cocoa and just watch. 🙂

Snow Daze 1

Inspired by another one of my favorite bloggers, Kat Tanita from With Love From Kat, I decided to pull together a toggle coat outfit of my own. I loved Kat’s color pairings with her toggle coat, so I paired similar colors and spiced up the outfit with some pretty chiffon, suede booties, and my own bag & accessories.

Snow Daze 2

Snow Daze 3


With Love

With Love 1Happy Friday, loves! It’s been such a long and hectic week, but I’ve finally got around to sharing my first Valentine’s Day outfit with you guys! I did this fun little shoot last weekend (second look to come soon, I promise!), and of course I couldn’t resist buying some fresh roses 🙂

With Love 2I wanted to spice up the typical Valentine’s get up by mixing some different textures and prints. Starting with a basic pink dolman sweater, I styled up the look with a leather midi skirt. I am just absolutely loving the pink-black pairing as of late, and the faux leather texture gives such a great twist to the midi skirt trend.

With Love 3

WIth Love 6 (more…)