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Dinner Casual in Bali

Bali Casual 1Happy Wednesday, loves. Apologies for the mini hiatus between posts–been working on something really exciting and I can’t wait to reveal it! Stay tuned for the announcement on my social media soon!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys a dinner casual look that is perfect for the summer to fall transition! The weather back in Bali was surprisingly mild, which meant that it would get chillier during the evening. With colder temps after sun down and quite a seabreeze right next to the beach, a cute off-shoulder top and dark jeans made for the perfect dinner attire!

Bali Casual 4Bali Casual 6



Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 4I cannot believe how cold the weather has been the past couple of days. Of course, it’s nothing compared to the winter we had a couple of months ago, but still–it’s almost June! I guess it just feels weird to not be able to wear shorts right now, but hey, if it means that I’ll get to wear these gorgeous dark wash jeans a couple of more times, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. ;D

Last look of my blazer vest series today, featuring this gorgeous pastel pleated top paired with my favorite tuxedo style blazer vest! I wasn’t sure if this pairing worked at first, but now I’m loving how the pleats look with the tuxedo vest!

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 2

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 3